This 40-hour Training has the following schedule. During the COVID 19 pandemic, all classes are held online and on weekends.

Morning Session 10 a.m. to 12 noon. One Hour for Lunch. Afternoon Session 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

February 2021 Course
Monday, January 4th Registration Opens
Monday, January 25th Registration Closes
Saturday, January 30th Session 1
Sunday, January 31st Session 2
Saturday, February 6th Session 3
Sunday, February 7th Session 4
Saturday, February 13th Session 5
Sunday, February 14th Session 6
Saturday, February 20th Session 7
Sunday, February 21st Session 8
Saturday, February 27th Session 9
Sunday, February 28th Session 10
April 2021 Course- Reserved for Healthcare Organization
Monday, March 15th Registration Opens
Friday, March 26th Registration Closes
Saturday, April 3rd Session 1
Saturday, April 10th Session 2
Sunday, April 11th Session 3
Saturday, April 17th Session 4
Sunday, April 18th Session 5
Saturday, April 24th Session 6
Sunday, April 25th Session 7
Saturday, May 1st Session 8
Sunday, May 2nd Session 9
Saturday, May 8th Session 10
August 2021 Course
Monday, July 5th Registration Opens
Monday, July 26th Registration Closes
Saturday, July 31st Session 1
Sunday, August 1st Session 2
Saturday, August 7th Session 3
Sunday, August 8th Session 4
Saturday, August 14th Session 5
Sunday, August 15th Session 6
Saturday, August 21st Session 7
Sunday, August 22nd Session 8
Saturday, August 28th Session 9
Sunday, August 29th Session 10
October 2021 Course
Monday, September 20th Registration Opens
Monday, October 11th Registration Closes
Saturday, October 16th Session 1
Sunday, October 17th Session 2
Saturday, October 23rd Session 3
Sunday, October 24th Session 4
Saturday, October 30th Session 5
Sunday, October 31st Session 6
Saturday, November 6th Session 7
Sunday, November 7th Session 8
Saturday, November 13th Session 9
Sunday, November 14th Session 10