Certified language skills are a valuable asset.

VCI offers language testing to identify the level of fluency of staff and job candidates who will use language specific skills to perform their work.

VCI in partnership with Language Testing International offers computerized language testing for most languages spoken in the US.

Language Testing International is an official language certification from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), leading to increased job opportunities, instills confidence, and creates a significant professional advantage in the global marketplace.


These are the steps to request this service:

  1. Complete and submit the service request form. The form is automatically emailed to the VCI staff once you click on the submit button
  2. The VCI staff will be in contact with you with 24 hours of receiving the request and contact you by email.
  3. The VCI email reply will provide you with next steps in the process and the cost

Thank you for using VCI to meet your language service needs.


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