This online weekend course is for bilingual persons interested and committed to working as an interpreter and building an interpreter career.

THE COURSEMedical interpreter working with a provider and a patient

The Interpreting for Professionals 60-hour Online Weekend Course helps you become a qualified interpreter in medical, educational, and social services interpreting.


  • 40 hours of online weekend classroom instruction and 20 hours of hands-on interpreting skill-building practicums with a VCI language coach
  • the course is in English
  • the curriculum is from Cross-Cultural Communications, the most up-to-date curriculum used in the field (skills-based for spoken and sign language interpreters)
  • Once the course is completed and the final exam is passed, you will become a Qualified Interpreter and be ready to start working.



  • once you have passed the final exam the next step is completing the practicums
  • there is no set schedule for practicums, but they must be completed within a month
  • you and your VCI language coach will work together to create a schedule to complete them

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  • VCI helps you gain the interpretation skills you will need to become a professional interpreter, understand the language service industry, and how to work in this field.
  • Most interpreters work as independent contractors for the language service industry, mostly with out-of-state companies, and with some local organizations that may offer employment.
  • Working as an independent contractor offers you the opportunity to set your own schedule and work from home.

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  • Be age18 or older
  • Be bilingual and pass the VCI reading comprehension, the VCI language screening, and the Language Testing International (LTI) language proficiency test.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent. VCI accepts translated and notarized diplomas from other countries. We do not accept transcripts.


REGISTRATION STEPS:                                           

STEP 1: Complete, sign, and submit the registration form. Once VCI receives your registration, VCI will contact you by email.

STEP 2: VCI will request the required copy of your high school diploma and any other professional education credentials. We accept education diplomas from other countries that are translated and notarized.

STEP 3: Pay the $800 registration fee.*  The registration fee includes all course books and materials and the assessments *If you attend one of our FREE ONLINE course orientation sessions you will receive $100 off the course registration fee.

STEP 4: Once VCI receives your registration fee, we will schedule the online reading comprehension, language assessments, and language proficiency test.