Join a field of passionate, committed professionals: become a community/medical interpreter! It is one of the fastest-growing
professions in the world.

The VCI Academy offers interpreter training and is building an interpreter workforce in New Mexico that is skilled in cross-cultural communications to facilitate understanding between service providers and service users who don’t share the same language. All courses are in English using the internationally recognized Cross-Cultural Communications curriculums available online or onsite when possible.

2016 January Valley Community Interpreters Graduates

VCI offers three separate courses:

  1. Interpreting for Professionals (IPC) 60-hour course for bilingual individuals interested in building a career in community interpretation including social services, education, and healthcare. CLICK HERE FOR COURSE DETAILS
  2. The Medical Interpreter (TMI) is a 40-hour course offered to healthcare institutions interested in training their bilingual staff to use their language skills in the performance of their duties and when providing services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients and families. CLICK HERE FOR COURSE DETAILS
  3. Foundations of Medical Terminology for Interpreters (FMTI) a 20-Hour standalone training focused on building terminology to maintain accuracy in medical encounters for individuals working in the interpreter profession. CLICK HERE FOR COURSE DETAILS