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Valley Community Interpreters identifies, assesses and trains bilingual community members committed to pursuing an interpreter career. VCI offers the industry standard course The Community Interpreter® International, including medical, social service and education interpreter skills. The course consists of 60 hours in classroom and 20 hours of hands-on practicums at local clinics, schools and social service organizations. (Practicum hours are paid at $15 per hour.)

Course is limited to 16 participants.

Registration Process

  1. Attend the mandatory orientation – A 90 minute presentation introducing the program scope, requirements and commitments followed by a Q+A.
  2. Complete the following five steps to define applicant’s background and skills:
    1. Online Registration Form – To determine employment and language history, references and personal information.
    2. Proof of Education – Provide copies of high school diploma or equivalent.  If applicant has completed a higher education degree, copies of credentials must be included.
    3. Tuition Payment – Course tuition: $600.00. Includes Language Proficiency Assessment (non-refundable $100), registration fee, course textbook, bilingual medical dictionary, paid practicum opportunities and a Certificate of Successful Completion, after passing the course final test and completing the practicums.
    4. Reading Comprehension Assessment and Language Screening – VCI conducts these two initial screenings followed by a Language Proficiency Test conducted by Alta Language Services. VCI will accept Alta Language Services proficiency scores between 9 to 12 Plus only.
    5. Foundational Skills – Applicant will take the Innovate+Educate Core Score soft skills assessment.
    6. Background Check – A New Mexico state background check to ensure the applicant does not have a criminal record.

Course Requirements

  1. Want to work as an interpreter.
  2. Must be bilingual and pass the reading comprehension and language proficiency assessments.
  3. Must be 18 or older.
  4. Have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  5. Have basic computer skills.
  6. Own a computer.
  7. Complete the 60 hours of classroom work and pass the course exam.
  8. Complete the 20 hours of paid practicums within the six weeks allotted. Students do their practicums at local healthcare facilities, community service organizations and schools. Practicum hours are paid at $15 per hour.
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