What does an interpreter do?

An interpreter facilitates understanding in communication between people who speak different languages.  This means that the interpreter does not only repeat words but has to understand what is being said, the interpreter interprets meaning.


How many areas of specialties are in the interpreter profession?

There are several areas of specialization in the interpreter profession: American Sign Language for the deaf, the oldest of all the interpreter specialties, Court interpreter working in courts and legal issues and Community interpreting in the fields of healthcare, social service and education.  Community Interpreting is the course VCI teaches.


Is the course VCI offers valid in other states?

Yes, the course VCI teaches is The Community Interpreter International (TCII) including interpretation in the areas of healthcare, social services and education.  TCII is a nationally recognized course valid in any state.


Is the TCII course VCI teaches in English?

Yes, the course is in English but the role play and the practicums are in English and Spanish.


What is a language assessment?

It is a computer based test to evaluate an individual’s language ability including grammar, vocabulary and fluency in a specific language.


What is a Qualified Interpreter?

A Qualified interpreter is a person who has validated their bilingual language skills and has received a minimum of 40 hours of interpreter training, typically in Community Interpreting.


What is a Certified Interpreter?

A Certified Interpreter is a Qualified Interpreter who has completed a separate process after completing their initial interpreter training and has successfully passed the two  certification exams (oral and written).


Who provides the Interpreter Certification exams?

The Certification Commission in Healthcare Interpreting (CCHI) based in Washington DC.


Does VCI offer courses to prepare Qualified Interpreters to take the National Certification exam?

No, at this time VCI does not offer a separate course to prepare for certification. CCHI has a study guide and mock exams for individuals to prepare for the national exam.


What kind of work can a Qualified Interpreter find?

A Qualified Interpreter can work in several ways:

Over the phone interpretation (OPI) this is contract work and can be done from a home office

Video remote interpretation (VRI) this is contract work and can be done from a home office

Onsite Interpretation by contracting or being employed by a language service agency